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Intruder Alarms

N.E.W Fire & Security are specialists in the installation of Intruder/Burglar Alarms & Security Systems.

Keeping your Business and Home Secure

N.E.W Fire & Security specialise in Residental & Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems. Giving you peace of mind that your property or business is safe & secure at all times.

Residential Wireless Systems

A wireless alarm system offers a range of benefits over traditional wired systems.

Wireless alarms are quicker to install, meaning that an entire small to medium system can be installed within a day and cause the minimum of disruption to the aesthetics of your property.

The fact that the detectors require no cabling to communicate with the central control panel means that they can be installed anywhere.

Wireless intruder alarm systems not only offer state of the art PIR detectors but also provide the flexibility to install smoke, carbon monoxide & flood detectors, providing a total fire & security system for your residential property.

Industrial/Commercial Hard-Wired Systems

N.E.W Fire & Security can provide a range of sophisticated hard-wired or hybrid industrial/commercial Intruder Alarm systems tailored to each individual client’s requirements.

We can provide a fully integrated security package incorporating:-

Intruder Alarms
CCTV Systems
Access Control Systems
Door Entry Systems
Fire Alarms
Public Address Systems

Alarm Activation

In the event of an alarm activation a signal is generated and can be sent to either an on board or stand-alone speech dialler or to a 24 hour manned Alarm Receiving Centre.(ARC)


Residential Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit

Residential/Commercial Hybrid Intruder Alarm Panel

Industrial/Commercial Hybrid Intruder Alarm Panel
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